* Accounting Expert MODULE
* by Olivier Geffroy (Jeffinfo)
* And Alexandre Spangaro
* And Florian Henry
* Version 3.5.x beta 20140511 - Revision 2.0.0
* for Dolibarr >= 3.5.x
* release date ____/__/__
* last update (see on github)

===== DESCRIPTION =====

This module was created to export accounting data from Dolibarr to all (we try) accouting software. These exports are in csv format in order to be easily import by accounting software.
Export is possible though Journal Sales Journal Purchases or Journal banking or directly via the ledger
If a line has not been codified in Dolibarr upstream, a suspense account exists but it is especially possible to ventilate the accounting line or accounting lines via this module.
This module is suitable for so-called "commitment" accounting and respects French accounting standards.

===== FREE VERSION =====

This is the Free edition of Accounting Expert.

There is no limited features: all features included works.

However if you want to have support or help financial for coding , you can contact me :

For more informations, please check the official website:


To download the latest Accounting Expert Free edition, please check the github:

For Dolibarr 3.5.x and above:

===== CONTACT =====

This module was created by Olivier Geffroy & Alexandre Spangaro for the Dolibarr project.

You can either contact authors by mail or or on the github above or on the Dolibarr's forum : Darkjeff (french or english) or Aspangaro (french or english).

However please note that there is no guaranteed support for the Free edition of Accounting Export


===== INSTALL =====

Just as any Dolibarr's module, just unzip the contents of this package inside your dolibarr's folder (you should be asked to overwrite some files if done right).

ATTENTION: you need a MySQL database with INNODB. With MySQL >= 5.5, INNODB is default, for MySQL < 5.5 it is MyISAM so you'll have to manually switch to InnoDB. PostgreSQL MAY be supported, we just didn't try yet.


===== TO DO =====

Should do :

===== SPECIAL THANK'S =====